Tips for students to sleep better and improve academic performance from Zipmerg

It is a well-known fact that a sufficient amount of sleep is very important for maintaining a good health and for performing better in the academic field. Recent studies also draw attention to the importance of sleep in regards to learning and memory. Students who get sufficient amount of sleep perform better on memory and [Read More]

Top 10 Safety Tips For Female Home Tutors

Compared to other industries, being a home tutor is a comparatively safe line of work but there are still several steps you should take to ensure the safety of you and your clients. At Zipmerg, we take the safety of our female private tutors very seriously. We go all-out to ensure that we have the [Read More]

Five Simple Strategies Applied By Zipmerg That Can Help Any Student Learn

New strategies are always being implemented by teachers for higher student achievement regardless of the basic information about how the mind and the brain work during the period of learning. At Zipmerg our teachers help to promote the growth of mindsets through positive self-talk, individual choice, deep learning successes, awareness and many others. These simple [Read More]

Important tips for students preparing for 10th board exams

Board exams play a pivotal role in the life of students as well as parents. Board exams can’t be taken lightly as the marks obtained by the students decides the future career prospect of the students. Students who appear for the board exams stay under a lot of pressure. They go through tension, mental stress, [Read More]

Is Technology Holding Students Back?

With the advancement of technology and its integration in education, the question that arises in our minds is that whether it’s providing a solution or is a problem in itself. This method seems to help the students grow in the classroom, however, quite a lot of studies raise a concern over this method. Studies show [Read More]

Current trend of education in India that tutors must follow

With a population of over 1.28 billion, India is becoming one of the greatest places for higher education. The education sector has witnessed a significant growth and change in the last five years. With time the education trend in India has advanced a lot from the initial time. The scenario is changing every year, so [Read More]

Importance of Home Tuition for Maths and Science Subjects

Science and Maths empower the students to think logically and build up their problem-solving abilities. Science clarifies the reasons (why, how, when, what) of a phenomenon. It stimulates our curious minds. Mathematics talks in terms of numbers, quantities, insights, and so forth. Every circumstance in the world can be demonstrated through mathematics and science.    As [Read More]

Importance of Mock Examinations

Many students feel mock exams are pointless or even mean, a method which simply adds to the vast pressure they feel already. But this is not true. These tests have more value than you might imagine. Zipmerg, the best academic tutoring services shows why it is important to give mock exams before you sit for [Read More]

Study planning for the students’ in the most effective way

Studying is an important part of academic success. A study plan is a systematic schedule which is prepared by the students to draw the outlines learning goals and study times. By creating a study plan you not only become more organized, but you are also being held accountable for your own learning outcomes. Though, creating [Read More]

Top 5 advantages for having home tutors

In today’s time competition is everywhere, in every sector and at every level. When it comes to education each and every student wants to excel in his/her class. Every student is different from the other depending on their learning ability or grasping something. Some students are quick learners while some needs time. Parents send their [Read More]